About US

Since 1999, we developed high-end solutions for the Brazilian Financial Market, primarily on payment systems. Our HQ, based in Sao Paulo/Brazil, connects us throughout the most important market in Brazil, where we have reached a vast referral to the market during our journey.

Our goal is to provide security to our clients, convenience, and the ultimate products to deliver processing, securing, and streamlining financial and business operations for industries that offer credit analysis services.

We have been improving our structure and business intelligence throughout these years to enlarge our market share and spread our business strategy to diverse industries.

Nowadays, C&M Software has proven successful in the Brazilian market, becoming the leader in providing solutions for many organizations' credit and risk analysis. Furthermore, our expertise in real-time payment, especially on Pix (a real-time payment company, the first one being certificated by the Central Bank of Brazil), brings us to the USA to develop and explore our expertise to attend the normative and the architecture of the FED to launch and operate FedNow abroad the country.

Established in Miami/FL, in 2013, we have supported and attended to our clients, providing them with more excellence, safety, and agility.

Our Portfolio

Our efforts are concentrated on interbank payment solutions and business process management (BPM), single sign-on (SSO) access applications, billing and credit processes, and predictive analytics. These knowhows elevate your experience by providing automatizations, time optimization, reduction of cost and manual efforts, improving accuracy, security, and less risk of fraud, scam, and profit.

Our Mission

Delivery of innovative products and services enables businesses to reach their maximum potential and increase their bottom line through improved performance.

Our Values

Respect for customers, employees, society, and the environment. C&M Software places ethics, technology, accountability, results, and confidentiality as the grounds of our values.