About US

In 1999, after the reform to the Brazilian Payment System, C&M Software was developed in Sao Paulo, Brazil with a goal of processing, securing, and streamlining financial and business operations for industries that provide credit analysis services.

By providing state of the art technology and business intelligence services for a diverse range of industries, C&M Software has proven success within the Brazilian market, becoming the leader in providing solutions for the credit and risk analysis of many organizations.

C&M Software has developed its product line and services with high performance technologies, focused on quality, safety and agility. The premier product within our brand line is the RCK888 platform, which offers a robust line of tools to reduce cost and time to deployment for a range of industries such as banks, lenders, and institutions using credit for customer evaluation. This expertise can supply the financial industry with tools and solutions catered specially to their needs and the needs of their customer segment in real-time.

After several years of leadership in the Brazilian credit and financial service industries, we have decided to pursue the window of opportunity in the United States market. C&M Software launched its expansion into the U.S. early 2014.

Our Mission

To deliver innovative products and services, enabling businesses to reach their maximum potential and increase their bottom line through improved performance.

Our Values

Respect for customers, employees, society and the environment. C&M places Ethics, Technology, Accountability, Results, and Confidentiality as the foundation of our values.

Our Portfolio

With a complete portfolio of products - from Business Process Management (BPM), Single Sign-On (SSO) access applications, billing and credit processes, and predictive analytics - our main goal is to automate the many, time consuming, manual efforts associated with security, fraud, credit analysis, risk analysis, risk mitigation, cash flow management, and credit approval systems.