Why Predictive Modeling is Right For You


RCK888 offers MCM - the Customized and Monitored Predictive Models of C&M Software, based on a neural network with multilayer technology and algorithms that use the historical information of an individual or company to provide the probability of an event. These models can be utilized to create processes, scores, current or potential client profiles, or for data manipulation to completely automate sales analysis.

How Two-Factor Authentication Technology Can Work For You


Two-factor authentication is a security process in which the user provides two means of identification from separate categories of credentials, usually provided by a user name and a password match. Additional layers of protection are provided by methods such as tokenization, biometrics, IP address and SSL level authentication, and geolocation. Learn how these extra layers of protection can help your organization.

Securing Wire Transfers with Two-Factor Authentication


Research performed by ACI Worldwide, a major global payment provider, showed that 49% of consumers engaged in at least one risky behavior, exposing them to financial fraud. Additionally, the Identity Theft Resource Center has calculated that it takes about 600 hours to restore your reputation after identity theft.