An automated workflow helps improve efficiency, increase ROI, streamline communications, and improve decision making amongst countless other benefits. Our assortment of products is customized to create solutions for whatever your business needs may be.

RCK888 Platform

RCK888 Platform brings your company intelligent insights and high value. Built on the SaaS model, it requires no additional infrastructure, maintenance, or update costs. The comprehensive solution is exceptionally flexible, and capable of linking all divisions of an organization while integrating with any legacy systems and/or process model, such as with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems. RCK888 Platform brings to you flexibility, customization, and strong decision-making processes without requiring any changes in the pre-established workflows.


MC&M – the Customized and Monitored Predictive Models, is an additional feature to the RCK888 Platform. Based on a neural network with multilayer technology and algorithms that use the historical information of an individual or company to provide the probability of an event. These models can be utilized to create processes, scores, current or potential client profiles, or for data manipulation to completely automate sales analysis.


Kumram is a complete solution for secure authentication with Single Sign-On (SSO). Through Kumram, users can create their profile, login and complete transactions all without having to enter personal information on external platforms, in turn reducing the risk of online fraud and other Internet related crimes. This includes controlling all data from a single device with one-click, providing the user with agility, security and practicality when transacting online. In addition to added efficiency in the process, SSO also eliminates the need for traditional passwords that can be shared or stolen.


The increasing volume of available information on internal and external Databases has created challenges with respect to data extraction and analysis. SkinBD is a tool designed to help with these specific challenges by speeding up decisioning processes and reducing costs. With access to over 400 sources of information, in one single tool, SkinBD enables expedited data extraction and analysis processes