Fraud Reduction

Conduct business with secure Transactions

Our expertise provides for a more proactive approach to stay ahead of emerging threats and risks, which combines deep analytics and real-time security intelligence.

The RCK888 platform can detect and prevent security threats typically overlooked by conventional cloud services.

Fraud Reduction Capabilities

RCK888 Platform

  • Prevention of internal threats and customer identity fraud
  • Detection of fraud earlier than other conventional business intelligence tools
  • Uncover hidden trends and patterns in large amounts of data to detect fraud
  • real-time
  • Reduction of false positives while increasing productivity
  • Quick adaptation to evolving fraud patterns and enhanced prevention with improved fraud strategy management
  • Reduction of risk of fraud with advanced analytic capabilities and greater visibility


  • Auto-login an d Single Sign-On (SSO) makes logging in safe and easy
  • Protection from password sharing
  • Increased transactional security
  • Strict identification of external users
  • Military grade encryption

Fraud detection takes 18 months from the time it begins, as reported by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE)..

Detect fraud quickly and easily with RCK888 and KUMRAM.