Corner | Interbank payment solution

Instant payment is a reality abroad; through FedNow Service, all direct and indirect participants and customers who belong to these groups will be allowed to send, receive, pay, buy, and realize online and instantly transactions through FedNow.

Our Corner’s solutions are transacted by protocol 20.022. This standard covers financial information transferred between financial institutions, and it is settleable to all financial institutions of any size, even those that would not be able to participate due to a high cost or lack of infrastructure or technical expertise to operate.

With our solutions, your company can keep the focus on the strategy instead of the process.

Low investment – high performance.

Without needing a huge investment in tech or structure, our company handles this centralization of infrastructure, software, and teams to run real-time payment, reducing costs in:

  • software development.
  • acquisition of third-party software.
  • network access links & security appliances.
  • hiring team for 24x7x365 tech lead support.
  • monitoring.
  • operation.
  • cut down the time with integrations (legacy systems).
  • monetization.

The Corner was developed over three key points: software + infrastructure, and team.

About 20.022 protocol

The Corner platform has been developed using all the knowledge, training, and expertise to fully implement ISO 20.022 throughout the solution, not making any customizations that disrespect that ISO. Delivering the all-capacity ISO 20.022 was designed for.

crms on the side of fednow