You need a smarter enterprise, let rck888 take you there

Miami, FL March 10th, 2014

In the age of technology it is of the upmost importance to differentiate oneself in order to succeed and become prosperous. Being apart of the Business Analytics space, C&M Software strives to stand out through outstanding service, fair pricing, and most importantly exceptional client relationships.

C&M Software’s premium product: The RCK888 Platform is an integrated, dynamic PaaS that contains unique solutions to simplify and mitigate processes of credit analysis, sales & collection, and risk & fraud. RCK888 is a cost effective, secure, consolidated, customizable platform used to search millions of records in seconds to assist organizations of all types drive smarter decisions in order to drastically reduce fraud, lower risk, and ultimately raise the bottom line.

Many companies can depend on The RCK888 Platform for as smarter business solutions, such as apartment rental agents, commercial equipment rentals, Retail Stores, Utility Providers, and Human Resource Firms. Companies are able to make clear concise decisions all through a secure platform while at the same time having a personal business experience with C&M Software. Some benefits of The RCK888 business analytic solutions are no additional hardware, or software needed, process big data previously overlooked by other software, complete regulation and compliance in analysis processes, no need for fragmented tools, and the Platform essentially pays for itself.