Credit Analytics

Scalability throughout your Organization

Both enterprises and consumers face challenges when it comes to credit analysis. Conventional methods of credit analysis can cause miscalculations in assessing customer credit scores, which in turn excludes customers and causes a loss of income for organizations.

RCK888 Business Credit Risk Analysis validates and verifies data of organizations based on company structure and identifies relationships between an organization and its partners, or with other companies in the market. Using public data on the Internet combined with internal accounting data, RCK888 provides your company insights for a well-informed business decision.

Our decision solutions can analyze and evaluate the most accurate profile of a customer, based on data that may have been previously disqualified or overlooked by other business intelligence tools available.

RCK888 Platform Credit Analysis Capabilities:


  • Historical Financial Analysis for two to four periods
  • Financial Projection for up to 10 periods
  • Know the exact financial health of your customer/supplier
  • Reduce credit risks and losses
  • Mitigate costs with external data and software
  • Improves your entire process of analysis
    • Intuitive and easy to use module

Performance Indicators

  • Sales Growth
  • Decrease Debt
  • Liquidity
  • Inventory and Profit Index
  • Payment and Receipt Average Deadlines