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C&M software revolutionizes access to big data

Miami, Florida (PRWEB) December 16, 2015

SkinBD connects businesses with more than 400 sources of public and private data to speed up the review process of Big Data.

Today’s organizations are faced with a significant challenge when dealing with initiatives specific to data extraction and analysis. According to a recent study conducted by C&M Software, many companies remain dependent on and limited to the information held within their internal databases...

C&M Software builds a multi national power team

Miami, FL February 18th, 2014

C&M Software, LLC, a cloud based credit& risk analysis solution firm, announced its expansion into the U.S in early 2014. After several years of leadership in the Brazilian credit and financial service industries, the company has decided to pursue the window of opportunity in the United States market...

C&M Software, llc appoints James Largotta as CEO

Miami, FL

C&M Software, LLC, credit & risk analysis cloud solutions firm, today announced the appointment of James Largotta as Chief Executive Officer. In this role, he will assume overall responsibility for C&M Software, LLC including all lines of business and groups within North America.

C&M Software changes the dynamic in brazil

Miami, FL April 24th, 2014

C&M Software, LLC, a cloud based credit & risk analysis solution firm, announced its launch of the Credit/Debt Portability Platform “Portaki” last Monday in the Brazilian market.

Recently launched by C&M Software, “Portaki” is a new concept of a credit and debt portability platform now available in Brazil. What this portal does is provide an open market place for consumers to explore more affordable new loans, or consolidate their existing loan into new several bank options available that they may have previously unaware of...

The largest banking conference in the world

Miami, FL May 19th, 2014

This year marks the 15th year that C&M Software is not only present but the official partner at the largest financial conference in the world, Febraban.

Febraban was founded in 1967 in São Paulo, Brazil with a commitment to strengthen the financial system and its relations with society and contribute to the economic, social and sustainable development of the country.

You need a smarter enterprise, let rck888 take you there

Miami, FL March 10th, 2014

In the age of technology it is of the upmost importance to differentiate oneself in order to succeed and become prosperous. Being apart of the Business Analytics space, C&M Software strives to stand out through outstanding service, fair pricing, and most importantly exceptional client relationships.

RCK888 Driver DNA

Miami, FL August 4th, 2014

C&M Software, LLC's Global CEO Orli Machado spoke about RCK888 APP Driver DNA the new product to serve vehicle insurance companies. A leader in solutions for the financial market, C&M Software launches a new feature for their successful platform RCK888. It can now receive and analyze driver's information through a simple smartphone app.