Enhance business transparency and operations

Enhance business transparency and operations

National Security Broker becomes first brokerage market to operate directly with the Brazilian Central Bank in order to end the bureaucracy of payment systems, and provide flexibility in movement financial and business transparency.


How to improve the operating environment of high performance national security broker, that offers personalized services a diverse portfolio of clients such as individuals up to treasuries of large financial institutions without affecting the ordering and business rules of the Brazilian Payment System.


With over 80 years of existence, the national security broker’s expertise focuses on the areas of exchange, and securities.

The technology previously adopted by our client, the national security broker, directly links major financial institutions and ensures customers total security and immediate response to all incoming requests to the servers. The previous system was delayed in providing their customers with timely transfers.


Eduardo Fonseca Lobo, director of the national security firm, said that The RCK888 Platform meets all the needs of the broker, which now offers a service even more agile and secure for their customers, as funds are now released into their account immediately.

"Another advantage is in relation to internal procedures, because the integrated operations of the brokerage system provides cost savings,"

notes Fonseca

The whole structure of financial transactions in the national securities firm after deploying The RCK888 Platform is now internalized, which allows greater control of operations. Within a year of using the system, the broker considers working with C&M Software a wise decision being one of the first securities brokers to be the first integrate The RCK888 Platform:

"So far we do not understand why other brokers (especially independent) have not taken the same decision,"

said Eduardo.

"we can now provide a financial settlements much more efficiently than before, because our schedule moving feature is much broader than other banks - which has been very praised."

Fonseca says for his customers.

He also emphasizes that now after the implantation controls and compliance are better and simpler, due to the fact that all customer transactions are recorded in accounts and are sent and received simultaneously

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