The Insurance Market Will Never Be The Same

Miami, FL (August 4th, 2014)

C&M Software, LLC's Global CEO Orli Machado spoke about RCK888 APP Driver DNA the new product to serve vehicle insurance companies.

A leader in solutions for the financial market, C&M Software launches a new feature for their successful platform RCK888. It can now receive and analyze driver's information through a simple smartphone app.

"The RCK888 APP Driver DNA collects 30 days of an individual's driving habits by: identifying routes, recording average speed, acceleration and braking habits, and correlating driving speed and speed limits on traveled roads. All this information is processed by the RCK888 platform, which uses artificial intelligence and multilayer neural network technology to analyze the behavior of the driver, and identify their profile"

said Machado.

"I would like to lower my insurance rate, wouldn't you?"

Jokes Orli, to comment on the potential for acceptance of the application by policyholders. According to him, major market players will be using RCK888 Driver DNA at the end of this year.

"In this market segment companies know C&M Software and RCK888, so when our team introduced this idea to customers we had an almost instant acceptance,"

said the executive.

The app will be available for iOS and Android and is being launched simultaneously for North American and Brazilian insurance companies.