C&M Software changes the dynamic in brazil

Miami, FL February 18th, 2014

C&M Software, LLC, a cloud based credit & risk analysis solution firm, announced its launch of the Credit/Debt Portability Platform “Portaki” last Monday in the Brazilian market.

Recently launched by C&M Software, “Portaki” is a new concept of a credit and debt portability platform now available in Brazil. What this portal does is provide an open market place for consumers to explore more affordable new loans, or consolidate their existing loan into new several bank options available that they may have previously unaware of. Seamlessly, the customer can log onto the portal and their information will be uploaded to the system already, since the major banks have partnered directly with “Portaki” to ensure customer convenience and streamline the process. Dependent on the customers income base and analysis performed on new credit issuance, the portal recommends several banks with options listed in order for the customer to choose the right plan, the right length of time, the best interest rate, and the lowest payment option for them. “Port aki” automates the process after the customer makes a decision. The credit/debt is then transferred to the new bank and customer does nothing but experiences all the benefit.

C&M Software USA CEO James Largotta weighs in on the discussion of the new product:

“The introduction of C&M Software’s “Port Aki” in Brazil is yet another example of how innovative C&M has been in offering the latest and most advanced solutions to the market place.”

By utilizing our extensive knowledge in technology and pairing that with our deep domain expertise in financial markets, C&M is able to create solutions that define change. And while credit portability is not new to the US consumer market, C&M Software USA intends to introduce this solution to the US market, allowing consumers to take more control over their finances and take advantage of competitive creditor rates offered through the site.” C&M Software USA plans to incorporate this model within the upcoming months to launch a similar product