CRMS ISO 20.022 - Instant Payment Platform for FedNow

For any financial institutions

The CRMS 20.022, as Software Service Provider, we can serve financial institutions of any size, even those that would not be able to participate, either because of the high cost or lack of technical expertise to operate.

Allowing financial institutions to focus on their business and we do the rest.

Low cost, high service

With the centralization of Infrastructure, Software and Teams in the CRMS 20.022 (SSP), we were able to reduce costs, in:

  • Software Development;
  • Acquisition of third-party software
  • Network Access Links & Security Appliances;

Hiring Team for:

  • Support 24x7x365;
  • Monitoring;
  • Operation;

And cut down the time of:

  • Integrations with legacy systems;
  • Start (Monetization)

CRMS 20.022 was build over 3 pilars

1. Software

Development and Maintenance of software for:

  • Message System (SEND/RECEIVE);
  • Cryptography;
  • Test scenarios;
  • API and modules for integration with legacy systems;
  • Any necessary operator console;
  • Dashboard and Financial Management;

With all the features and future updates included, without cost.

Messaging 20.022

CRMS software development team, has all the knowledge, training and expertise to fully implement ISO 20022 throughout the solution, not making any customizations that disrespect that ISO.

Delivering to CRMS customers, a solution with all the capacity that ISO 20022 was designed for.

2. Infrastructure

infrastructure to operate between the financial institutions and the FedNow.

  • Main and Backup Sites;
  • Servers and Hardware;
  • Links between CRMS and Instituion;
  • Links between Instituion and FedNow;
  • Databases and Backup;
  • Third-Party Softwares;
  • Messaging Queue Manager, (MQ Series)

on the side of fednow

crms on the side of fednow

on the side of financial institutions

crms on the side of financial institutions

3. Teams

As a strategic partner of financial institutions, CRMS maintains technical and business teams available

Technical Teams

The CRMS support team are available 24x7x365, infrastructure monitoring and messaging, able to act immediately to ploblem solve e disaster recovery.

Our team also has all the training and necessary skill to monitoring and solving third-party software problems, such as database, message queuing services (MQ Series), among others.

  • Support 24x7x365;
  • Monitoring.
  • Deployment;

Business Teams

This team of experts are capable, and have years of experience, in the implementation and training of financial systems, working together with clients and regulators to gain an understanding of the scenarios.

They are also responsible for mediate integrations with legacy systems, helping both customers and other software providers.

  • Setup and Training;
  • Legacy Integrations