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  • 04 Feb

    This Sunday we celebrate the 50th Super Bowl. While the same game is being played on the field, major advances in technology have had great impact on how the game is watched, officiated, and played.  Instant replays are available from every angle imaginable, players’ every move is tracked, and the Super Bowl is now the mecca for commercials/advertisements. It’s only fitting that the Super Bowl with the most technology ever happens to be in San Francisco, right next to Silicon Valley. So how’s this year’s game different?

    Super Bowl Football

  • 21 Jan

    Mobile security threats pose a big risk for companies and consumers in 2016. In the past year we have witnessed everything from malicious mobile apps to phishing scams and vulnerabilities in cloud security.

    In a recent survey conducted by Bluebox Security, a mobile app security company, as many as 80% of consumers surveyed said they would stop using a company if its mobile app was comprised in a breach. To make matters worse, companies dealing with major data breaches or hacks to their systems often have to expend significant time and resources to resolve legal fees and rebuild their reputation.

    Taking the time to understand mobile security threats most likely to affect us this year can prevent major problems within an organization and help keep customers from driving away. The following list shows some of the major threats:

  • 07 Jan

    With a New Year comes a new goal. We can now reflect on the past year and determine business process management successes from failures. Or, better yet, identify areas in key business functions that could be improved upon to create success and streamline processes for the better use of resources. 

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