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  • 18 Nov

    Keeping our information safe and protecting our identities is always of utmost importance. Even though we may try to take some extra measures to keep secure, the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) estimates that every year $3.7 trillion is lost to fraud. These numbers highlight the importance of educating oneself on the seriousness of fraud and implementing the proper strategies to minimize associated risks.  During November 15-21, International Fraud Awareness Week aims to provide the information necessary to inform people and businesses alike of the risks that exist and tips on how to prevent fraud from occurring. The ACFE sponsors the week dedicated to awareness, detection, and prevention. To help join the fight against fraud, here are some tips that could help minimize your risks.

  • 12 Nov

    ODBC is a standard interface that helps manage multiple database management systems (DBMS). The ODBC concept with respect to Big Data allows organizations access to multiple external data sources. By querying these sources, the data is made readily available to organizations. Using drivers to operate as a translation layer between the application and DBMS, ODBC functions through a connected ODBC driver manager, which passes the query to the DBMS. So, what does this all mean, and how can it benefit for your organization?

  • 05 Nov

    The decision to move to the cloud is no longer an option – utilizing cloud technologies have become the new norm. Whether you are looking to grow your business, cut costs, or improve operations, the cloud has a solution for all of your needs. Cloud computing technologies have emerged into more than just a fad, and the time is now to reap the benefits. So, what are some of the biggest reasons a switch to the cloud help your company?


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