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  • 10 Jun

    Factoring, or accounts receivable funding, is a great way for businesses that are growing or low on cash flow to quickly receive the capital they need to keep their operations running and without going into debt. Unfortunately, there are some common misconceptions about factoring that should we would like to help clear up:


  • 19 May

    On Wednesday, LinkedIn announced that a 2012 data breach containing email addresses and passwords was much worse than originally thought. In 2012, a hacker stole 6.5 million encrypted passwords from the site and posted them on a forum for sale. Now, four years later, an additional set of data has been released with more than 100 million LinkedIn members email and password combinations from the same theft. According to a source from Motherboard, the hacker is attempting to sell 117 million records for about $2,200 in bitcoin.

  • 05 May

    It seems like everything we read these days is related to Big Data in one way or another. Big Data, Predictive Models, and Data Analytics are all changing the way businesses operate both internally and externally. We now have a deeper understanding of how to use data for our benefit, improved analytical tools to get the insights we need, and a huge pool of sources to get data from. Unfortunately, with all of the news circulating around Big Data, some myths and misconceptions have arisen. Here are some common myths:

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